My Youtube Downloader

My Youtube Downloader

My Youtube Downloader is the missing Youtube client for Windows 8.

My Youtube Downloader provide an elegant approach to Youtube content.
Download youtube videos with one-click!

My Youtube Downloader can download, play and manage video in one app.
You can download video and play it offline without buffering.

No ads any more before video.

My Youtube Downloader Key Features:

Key Feature
-Beautiful user interface design.
-Multitasking & background download.
-Support to download your uploads, favorites and etc.
-Support to download your subscription.
-Support to download best quality mp4 video.
-Play video without ads.
-Support to download mp4 files.
-Support to view video description and comment
-Support to switch with multiple Youtube accounts

✔Video player
-Video playback of .mp4 formats
-Thumbnails view
-Save video to video library

My Youtube Downloader will be constantly updated with new features.

Legal Notices:

You should follow the YouTube Terms of Service.

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